Pylon Signs, typically referred to as a pole sign or freestanding signs, are structures strategically placed to catch the attention of passing traffic. They can be found near a parking lot, roadway or highway in an effort to attract customers and inform consumers of a business’s location. These signs can be quite effective in the sense that they offer a great deal of visibility-even from a distance, which makes them exemplary for businesses which are located in high-traffic areas. When considering what type of pylon sign to have, many considerations must be addressed such as the visual appeal, compliance with local regulations and rules, and the structural integrity. Furthermore, you must consider what type, if any, of illumination options will be used as well. Proper installation as well as routine maintenance checks are essential to these large signs. Pylon Signs can be single or double sided and they can be for single or multi-tenant buildings.

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Pylon Signs are effective options for businesses to use in order to create landmarks and to clearly navigate travelers as well as local consumers on busy roadways. These large structures, also called pole signs, play an important role in advertising and navigation due to their size. Their prominence makes them requisite for businesses who are seeking to “stand out in a crowd.”

Design and Structural Considerations

Designing a Pylon Sign takes a great amount of effort, planning, and meticulous attention to detail. The designer must consider factors such as shape, size, and branding elements to be sure the sign will line up with the business’s identity. Not only does the sign have to be visually appealing and effective, but it has to be structurally sound. This requires engineers using advanced techniques and materials to combat unfortunate weather conditions. Simply put, the pylon sign has to manage both a visual appeal as well as functional durability.

Illumination Options

When creating your pylon sign it is important to consider how you will draw attention to the sign even after dusk. Choosing to illuminate the sign will not only enhance its visibility, but extend the effectiveness of the sign well beyond daylight hours. Sign owners can opt for more traditional spotlights or fluorescent tubes or merge for a more modern look with LED lights. Either way by using light in your sign, businesses can be sure that their message and visibility remains in the midst of darkness.

Permitting and Compliance

Before designing and creating such a monumental sign, it is important to ensure full legal compliance with local as well as larger scaled ordinances. Obtaining a permit may include a lengthy process with a variety of hurdles. This, of course, is jurisdiction dependent. Be sure to research the process prior to beginning and be willing to commit to it fully.  One final, crucial necessity for a successful pylon sign venture is to collaborate with experienced professionals who are familiar with the entire process from start to finish. This will allow you to have peace of mind and confidence to proceed.

Installation and Foundation

Once you have fully designed the pylon sign and received all of the necessary permits, you can move onto the installation of the sign. This step must be done with great caution, care, and meticulous attention to detail. This large endeavor requires precision and expertise from start to finish. From the beginning stages of excavation all the way through the concrete pouring and structural assembly, you want to ensure that you are teamed with professional individuals who have the appropriate equipment and techniques to complete this matter safely and correctly. The sign must be installed in a manner that will ensure safety and prevent collapse or ruin, all which being stable and functional.

Maintenance and Safety Checks

Ensuring that a pylon sign remains both safe and effective requires regular maintenance. In order to maintain it regularly the owner of the sign must obtain routine inspections of the electrical components, sign clarity, and structural integrity. This will prevent hazards and allow for the sign to be cleaned, repainted, and maintained in general. By taking the appropriate precautions, an owner can expand the lifespan of the sign and ensure that it is continuing to be a viable business asset for years to come.  In conclusion, pylon signs are more than just large, towering structures. They are powerful options for businesses to use to assist with navigation, visibility, and branding. With careful planning, designing, and execution, these signs can become an invaluable asset to a business.

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