Over the years we have had customers approach us to wrap cars, trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles and even an airplane.  Customers want these vehicles wrapped for different reasons.  Most customers want wraps to promote their business or for sponsorships.  Others want their wrap so they can make their vehicle unique.

Recently we had a client, Dean Goodman, who wanted us to wrap his T-bucket hot rod.  Ours thoughts immediately went to flames and skulls, something really outrageous.  However we were way off base.  What Dean wanted was much more special.  He wanted something that would honor our country and those who serve and have served, in the Military, especially the Marines.  You see, while Dean is not in the active Marines (he’s no spring chicken), he proudly served and like his license plate frame on the T-Bucket says, “Once a Marine . . . . always a Marine.”

Dean sat down with JT, our Graphic Designer, and gave him some ideas of what he would like to see.  From there, JT took the challenge to design a wrap that he hoped would not just meet Dean’s expectations, but exceed them.  You see, this was not an easy wrap to design.  There is not a lot of space on a T-Bucket and we needed to ensure that everything that would be on the wrap was done to honor our Troops.  To make this wrap a little more of a challenge, the roof was added after the T-Bucket was originally wrapped so JT had to design something that would flow off the body onto the roof. 

It seems fitting that we had the opportunity to finish this project as we approach Memorial Day.   Thanks to Dean, we had the privilege to do this wrap which honors those who wear or have worn the uniforms of our Military and especially those who gave their lives in service of our country.  We hope that everyone who sees Dean’s T-Bucket will remember and thank those who serve or have served.

To Dean, Semper Fi